Youtube 360° video Download And Q&A (Tricks)

Youtube 360° video Download And Questions and Answers 

What is youtube 360 video?
YouTube 360' is a new feature of YouTube . this feature enable viewer to drag thevideo with mouce and view the 360 view of the video, Google are working with many companies to develop camera system which enable to capture 360 view.

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How to view Youtube 360° video ?

STEP 1: Go this Channel  GO Youtube
or find 365 video in youtube

STEP 2:Select you like video and play

HOW TO Download THIS Video ? Q&A Play

Step 1: Download youtube  you like Video

How to download ?

HOW To Play This Video in My PC ?

STEP 1: Download KMPlayer  OR PotPlayer

STEP 2: Now Open You Download Video in Youtube

---------------------------------------------Example Video------------------------------------------

i hope this will be helpful for you
Enjoy :-)


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